lau todd

A black and white photo of two small black girls and sisters— a 1-year old and a 5 year-old— playing together in the grass. The back of the 5 year old is facing the camera, her face turned away, while the 1-year old plays with her sister's foot.
A landscape portrait of an older black woman wearing a cowboy hat, looking off in the distance to her left. Her face is framed underneath the neck of a horse and between the empty space of the halter the horse is wearing.
A photo of shiny black ankle boots, the soles covered in mud, laying strewn in a field of straw grass.
A black and white portrait photo of an older albino man staring into the camera, holding a cell phone, his face illuminated by the phone screen.
A landscape photo of a large, barren, leafless tree in the middle of an empty farm field during the winter in Delaware, OH.
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